LITA represents rights to works of more than 2500 Slovak authors.   

LITA represents rights to works of more than 2500 Slovak authors.



LITA is a civil association of authors

LITA helps authors to manage their rights and users to gain consent to use authors’ works.

What services does LITA offer to authors and users?


On behalf of authors LITA grants licences for the use of their works: to organisations as well as individuals. It protects authors’ interests while taking into consideration users’s requests and circumstances of use. It grants easier access to the authors’s works.

Representation of authors and heirs


LITA distributes royalties to authors for the use of their works in the territory of the Slovak republic as well as abroad. These are royalties that users pay based on collective and individual license agreements, and also royalties and remuneration resulting from compulsive collective management of rights.

Distribution of royalties and remuneration


Our principles


Representation by LITA is voluntary. No author is obliged to be represented by LITA and can manage his rights individually (except for the types of use where compulsory collective management of rights is established by law).


There are types of use which the author cannot keep track of on his own and for which he cannot collect royalties on his own. In these cases LITA automatically represents all authors based on law.

This way authors get royalties or remuneration for public lending, cable retransmission, etc.

Compulsory collective management of rights


LITA prepares both collective and individual license agreements with the highest professional care. Our team of lawyers has years of experience in this field and keeps track of all the changes in the legislation.

Thanks to LITA authors do not waste their time with legal matters and can fully dedicate themselves to the creative process.

Legal assistance to authors


We offer a possibility to deposit works as circumstantial evidence in the event of copyright infringement cases. In copyright infringement case deposited work can serve as evidence that the work has been deposited with LITA at particular date.

Deposit of works


If works of Slovak authors are used abroad, their rights are secured by our sister societies.

LITA closely cooperates with sister societies all around the world. It also is a member of international organisations CISAC, EVA, IFRRO and SAA.

Representing authors abroad


our principles


The fact that authors are represented by LITA does not constrain the use of their works nor does it discourage users from using these works. The opposite is true—we provide easier access to authors’ works and offer necessary information and assistance.


Users are able to obtain licenses for the use of works of great many authors under one roof. All the administration is taken care of by LITA employees on the highest professional level.

Users can rest assured that royalties will be duly distributed to authors.

Licenses under one roof


LITA offers possibilities for authors to share their experience with copyright. It regularly contributes to periodicals and organizes conferences, lectures and seminars at universities or colleges for various groups of users.

Educating about Copyright


our principles


We want authors’ works to spread and circulate among people. We want them to be accessible to the general public and to find their audience.


LITA participates on forming the legislative in the area of copyright. We try to make protected works more easily accessible to the public and support the author’s position and that of his rights in the society.

The most important things for us are authors’ legitimate interests and needs. 

Forming the legislative


Within the territory of the Slovak republic LITA also represents foreign authors. Among tens of thousands represented authors there are such names as Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, Michael Haneke and Jean-Luc Godard. Based on agreements with foreign sister societies of authors LITA manages the use of their works in our country.

Representing foreign authors in Slovakia


our principles


We strive to make society aware that authors’s creative process is in fact a job and therefore they are entitled to be fairly rewarded for it. We always act in favor of the author.